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Hello everyone, This blog began in February 2008 and over the night we reached the 311000 visitors! Some stats: 65 months of activity, nearly 300 weeks Over 200 articles Around 1000 vivitors per week About 150 visits per hour Around 1500 visitors per article Thank you for your support!

Koto vs Gyokko

Eureka! After 25 years and more than 50 trips to train in Japan I finally understood the footwork difference between Koto Ryû and Gyokko Ryû. Better late than never. We had a class with Nagato sensei and I couldn’t do the Oni Kudaki he demonstrated until I saw. Hatsumi sensei often speaks about mienai waza,… Read More Koto vs Gyokko

Mushin is Sanshin

Following his logic of Mutô Dori being Butô Dori, Sensei in a recent class said that “Mushin is Bushin (Bujin)”.  As you know, the word “Bujinkan” is sometimes written as “Bushinkan” (in the old translations form Japan).    This opens up a new series of possible interpretations. As we know 無 is pronounced Mu or Bu and this… Read More Mushin is Sanshin


  Like every year since 2004 you are invited to join us and attend the Yûro Shi Tennô Taikai in Paris, the legendary 3 day taikai! Peter, Sven, Pedro and Arnaud will share, during 3 full days, their insights received this year in Japan. The main theme of this Taikai will revolve around  the Tsurugi… Read More TAIKAI PARIS 2013