Uchū Sayū: Mastering The Space-time Continuum  

The concept of “Kannin Dokuson” (1), the Mutō Dori of 2017 involves the control of the centre of space. Since Albert Einstein, we know that time and space are interconnected. They are like inyō. There is no duality, only a space-time unity. Sayû, the well-known Bujinkan principle of “left-right”, also means “control”. Once again, it… Read More Uchū Sayū: Mastering The Space-time Continuum  

Sonkei: Respectus

Kannin Dokuson, the new theme for 2017 is only about “respect”. After Sensei’s explanation, I see it as a Sanshin: Mutual respect Respect the enemy Respect yourself Each movement should include those three aspects. But what does “Respect” really mean? Everyone uses the word, but how many are aware of its complex meanings and implications?… Read More Sonkei: Respectus