Bufû Ikkan

(version Française) Sensei said that “the secret of budô is 武風一貫 bufû ikkan (translated in “unarmed fighting techniques of the samurai” p.51, by the way of war is survival*). This is the yang secret. In a fight the opponent is often aggressive (i.e. yin) therefore by opposing softness to hardness you can defeat the enemy.… Read More Bufû Ikkan


(version française) Last Sunday at the Hombu, Hatsumi sensei said that “if you cannot control yourself, you cannot control others”. This is the secret of every learning process as we must understand our own behavior before trying to understand the one of others. The quickest path to achieve that is to master our basics. When… Read More Control


(version Française) The last post on “3=5” generated a lot of comments towards the possible misinterpretation of numerology. Two friends added their comments, Jan from Belgium on this blog and Jean, one of my students committed a nice text on his dôjô blog (in French). Their general idea is that: “you can say anything with… Read More Num3ro1ogy